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Gumaca, Philippines suffering from salt and bad quality water

Gumaca, is under the Municipality of Gumaca. It is also known as 1st class municipality in the province of Quezon, Philippines. According to the census in 2015, The population of this area counted as 73,877 peoples.


This town is located at the mouth of what is now known as Pipisik River and nestling at the foot of the Sierra Madre range. This town also known as a heritage town due to the many ancestral houses and old structures that abound in the area, including a fortress from the Spanish era. The government is currently reconstructing these heritage structures for future generations.

Gamuca Sea

But from last few years it suffers with many problems like water, electricity etc. one of the important problems the town living hood facing is water, nowadays they are drinking very bad quality water so that they are suffering from very dangerous daises.

one of the  local resident  from Philippines. shared their problem here…we don’t have proper and clean water for drinking here our place near the sea…the taste of water salty…mostly when dry season…we had problem in clean water I hope that there will be a good investor who invest to have here a good source of clean water…

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